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Price Disclaimer:

The prices on our site can change without warning. We try to keep them current, but sometimes mistakes happen due to tech problems or other stuff. 

We can refuse or cancel any order made for the wrong price. If that happens, we will contact you and try to figure it out.

Insurance Disclaimer:

We don’t take insurance for payment on our website. Everything you buy from us must be paid from your own wallet. 

Contact your insurance provider to learn about possible medication refund options if your medication is covered by another insurance company.

For Sale Disclaimer:

All products on our site are for sale and personal use only. Reselling or giving out our products is not allowed. 

We can restrict the amount of goods or products a person or a household can purchase.

Brand/Generic Disclaimer:

We comprehend that there can be differences between brand-name and generic medications. We always try to offer both options when available. However, sometimes only one option may be available. If you have a preference for a certain brand or generic, please search with the exact name of the drug on our site to get details.

Payment Disclaimer:

Everything you buy from us is paid from your pocket. We don’t take third-party payments or insurance. You must pay the total amount for your order when you purchase meds from our site.

We accept payment methods:

Gift Card (10% OFF) [Amex Gift Card]
Bitcoin (15% OFF)
Bitcoin Cash (10% OFF)
Credit Card (VISA/Master Card/Discover/American Express)


Pharmacy Disclaimer:

We are an online pharmacy that follows all applicable laws and rules. We are dedicated to providing safe access to meds and healthcare products.

Our licensed pharmacists make sure all products meet quality and safety standards. But you should still talk to a healthcare professional before starting any new medication or treatment. 

Mail Order Disclaimer:

We offer mail-order delivery for your convenience. But times can vary based on location and other stuff we can’t control. 

Our team works forcefully to process and ship orders as quickly as possible. However, we cannot guarantee exact dates for mail orders.

Overnight Disclaimer:

We provide overnight shipping as the best option for all our products. Please note extra fees may apply if you want to get your order shipped overnight. 

If overnight is available for your product and location, you can select it during checkout. If you choose FedEx overnight delivery, there may be an additional fee of $50.

Shipping Disclaimer:

We seek to provide timely and reliable shipping. But duration may change due to carrier delays, weather, or surprises.

We are not responsible for shipping delays once your order is given to the carrier. Our trustworthy shipping partners may include FedEx and UPSP/UPS.

Drugs Disclaimer:

Images of meds on our site are for illustration only. The pills you get may look different due to variations in manufacturing and packaging.

But the meds from us meet quality standards and are from reputable manufacturers. We only provide FDA-approved drugs to ensure your safety measures.

Coupons and Discounts Disclaimer:

We may offer coupons or discounts on some products. It’s important to note that availability can change without warning. Don’t miss out on the opportunity you are after – stay alert and check back regularly.

You can use coupons like SALE10 to save an extra 10% on our site. Remember, coupons like expiration dates, exclusions, or order minimums may have limits.

Once you use a coupon code, it will not going to work for you again.