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Category: Buy Oxycontin Online

Define Oxycontin

Oxycontin is the brand version for a timed-release formula of the drug Oxycodone, a narcotic pain killer. It is generally used to treat pain from cancer, injuries, arthritis, and other conditions. You can buy Oxycontin online and get relief from your severe ongoing pain.

Uses of Oxycontin

Here are the main uses of Oxycontin-

  • Post-surgical pain

Oxycontin can be used to treat post-surgical pain when a sustained-release opioid painkiller is essential for continuous pain control.

  • Pain due to injury or trauma

In a few cases of injury or trauma, Oxycontin can be prescribed to provide effective pain relief during the recovery phase.

  • Neuropathic pain

Oxycontin can be used in treating neuropathic pain.

What precautions are necessary while taking Oxycontin

Before using Oxycontin, tell your healthcare expert if you are allergic to it or other opioid painkillers. Oxycontin may contain inactive ingredients, which may cause allergic reactions or other issues. Talk to your healthcare expert for more instructions. Before taking Oxycontin, inform your pharmacist/healthcare expert about your clinical history, mainly of- respiratory issues, liver or kidney problems, diarrhea, constipation, or gallbladder disease.

This medicine can make you sleepy or drowsy. Marijuana or alcohol may make you more sleepy or dizzy. Do not use equipment, drive, or do anything that requires alertness until you may do it safely. Consuming alcohol while using OxyContin may show interaction in your body. Before going for surgery, tell your healthcare expert in advance that you are using Oxycontin.

During pregnancy, this drug should be taken only when clearly required. It can harm an unborn child. Discuss the benefits and risks with your healthcare expert. If you are pregnant or want to get more instructions about the uses of this drug, you may buy Oxycontin online from Sanofi Store Pharmacy. This drug passes into breast milk and can have unwanted effects on a nursing child.

 Tell the healthcare expert immediately if your newborn develops difficulty feeding, unusual drowsiness, or trouble breathing. This drug should not be chewed, crushed, broken, or dissolved. Using crushed, broken, dissolved XR Oxycodone may cause a fatal overdose.

How does Oxycontin look like

Oxycontin is available in various strengths, and the tablets may have different colors, shapes, and imprints based on the dosage. Commonly, Oxycontin tablets are round and film-coated, with imprints that indicate the strength of the medication. You may Buy Oxycontin Online from our site,, and get proper instructions from our product description page. We at our website provide most prescription medications, including Oxycontin, for sale. 

How to use

  • Instead of using this medication as needed for unexpected (breakthrough) pain, take it on a regular basis as prescribed by your healthcare professional. Take this medication, usually every 12 hours, with or without food. It might be beneficial to take this medication with food if you experience nausea.
  • Ask your healthcare expert about other ways to lower nausea (e.g., lying down for one to two hours with as little movement of the head as possible). Swallow the pills together. Avoid breaking, crushing, chewing, or dissolving your tablets. If your dose consists of multiple tablets, take only one tablet at a time to minimize the risk of choking or difficulty swallowing a tablet.
  • You should avoid eating grapes or drinking grapefruit juice while taking Oxycontin unless your healthcare expert says you may do so safely. The consumption of grapefruit may raise the medication’s risk of side effects.

Potential side effects of Oxycontin

  • Shallow breathing, noisy breathing
  • Loss of appetite, worsening tiredness
  • Stomach ache, vomiting, dizziness, tiredness
  • High levels of serotonin in the body- hallucinations, agitation, shivering, fever, rapid heart rate, muscle stiffness
  • Low cortisol levels- weakness or worsening tiredness, loss of appetite

Buy Oxycontin online from a reliable pharmacy and use it cautiously to avoid side effects.

Dosing details of Oxycontin

Here are a few general dosing details of Oxycontin based on common strengths-


Oxycontin is available in numerous strengths, including 10Mg  15Mg 20Mg 30Mg 40Mg 60 Mg 80 Mg  and 120 Mg pills.

Dosage frequency- 

Oxycontin is an XR formulation designed for around-the-clock pain relief. The general dosing frequency is every 12 hours. Your healthcare expert may adjust your dose according to your current health condition. To get the proper dosage, you may buy OxyContin online from our internet pharmacy. We provide all medications under the guidance of our experienced healthcare expert.

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